Saturday, 6 August 2016


The Bavarians have a way to go yet. But I'd say I was almost halfway, so this post will be updated from time to time. When complete, they will hopefully represent a division of around 7,000 men.

Here's what I've done so far...

A regiment of dragoons
Dragoons in line
Rear view

Line infantry

5 battalions
Brigadier General

Infantry in line

3 battalions in this shot

The back of the lines

...and columns

Wrede (2nd from right)

Another view of the commanders

Battle flag



  1. Very impressive - I particularly like the dragoons!

    1. Thanks Stryker! Yes lovely sculpts those cavalry, very clean and sharp ... And a joy to paint.. (well, sort of). :)

  2. Gee have you been busy!
    Ditto Ian's admiration for the dragoons. Really like the look and effect of the massed infantry too. Great stuff.

  3. Thanks James. Check out the Saxons on my previous post, I think you'll appreciate those too.