Saturday, 30 July 2016


The Saxon army is nearly complete. I still need to paint up the line grenadiers, jaegers, another cavalry regiment (hussars), more officers and 2-3 infantry battalions in greatcoats and/or greatcoat roll (using Prussian figs). So this post will be up-dated from time to time as I work my way through these.

Total force when complete will represent a division of around 9,470 men in the field.

Guard cavalry (rear view)

Garde du Corps
Chasseurs (side view)
Infantry battalion in full dress
..and campaign dress
More campaign styles
The 'blues' & 'greens'
Full & campaign dress
Guard infantry in column
Guard grenadiers in line
..and again
Rear view of the Guard
The chaps that make the most noise!
Artillery from the front
It's a dirty job
Gun teams
Expanded view
Cavalry Commander
Divisional Commander
Command group
Rear view of the officers
Rear view of the chasseurs
Infantry (rear view)
Another shot of the artillery
More of the Garde du Corps
Infantry masses
Uhlan regiment


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