Sunday, 26 August 2012

3rd clash

Some miles from their main body, a French line infantry regiment with four guns attached is on forage duty and making it's way to a well known grain store. The guns are for added security as the stories of Allied cavalry and especially lancers have been terrifying for the infantrymen. The main armies are now very close and the men know a big fight is coming.

For this hapless regiment their own fight is sooner than they think as Austrian light cavalry have already secured most of the grain from the 'well known grain store' and were about to ride off. It gets worse as the 1st battalion spot lance pennons not too far off...

French forces: 3 battalions line infantry with 4 guns

Austrians: 2 squadrons of lancers
                 3 squadrons 1st hussars

French 2nd batt with artillery in tow

1st and 3rd batts

The owners of the pennons!

Lancers getting ready to attack

The brilliant 1st hussars

Lancers charging line infantry

Morale had to break down as men run for their lives

The 3rd batt firing volleys at the lancers flank

You can see the smoke from the French musketry in the crop field beyond

But it didn't stop the lancers. A lot of these men here lost their lives

The victorious uhlans trotting back

Meanwhile on the right flank, 2 of the guns are set up

Gun teams unaware of their fate discuss the dark cloud over head

2nd batt seen here in line in the distance. 2 of the guns can just be made out,
the other 2 set up on the road to the right of the pic

2 squadrons of the hussars make their move with a 3rd in reserve

The French loaded cannister and gave the troopers a taste

...but they didn't seem to notice..!

Oh the slaughter!

The hussars in their moment of glory

A view of the carnage from a distance.

In the distance the 2nd French battalion give a couple of volleys from the relative safety of a field

Ignoring the infantry the troopers head straight for the other 2 guns, seen here in the distance


The aftermath

A lucky escape for 2 of the battalions

A grenadier company

The French 1st battalion ceased to exist with more than two thirds cut down. The French also lost all their gunners and teams but retained their guns as the enemy cavalry rode off. Austrian casualties were light losing only 16 men due to some badly aimed volleys from the infantry. The poor French went back hungry and pulling their own guns!

Another slight victory for the Allies.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

2nd clash

Four squadrons of French cavalry got more than they bargained for as they trotted off on a jolly towards the allied lines. Coming across some Austrian lancers they decided to give chase only to find the Hessen-Homberg hussars lying in ambush! The Austrian lancers soon turned and joined their comrades in the charge. The French, out-numbered and taken by surprise soon gave way and fled east only to find enemy artillery and infantry to their flank.
The French cavalry included two squadrons each of Vistula lancers and dragoons. These being part of Gen. Lefebre-Desnoettes cavalry division. The dragoons incured most of the casualties as they were nearer to the guns, but they managed to scare off some Grenzers before they made their escape. Subsequently the morale of these two units has come down a notch to the indignation of their commander!

All in all a good skirmish for the Allies, and a little morale boost.

Allied forces involved: (all Austrian)

2 squadrons lancers
3 squadrons hussars
2 battalions grenzer
2 battalions line infantry
1 battalion grenadiers
8 guns

French cavalry on a jolly
Vistula lancers in their czapka covers


Austrian lancers setting the trap

Dragoons give chase

Suddenly from nowhere the hussars launch their assualt

A closer view of their striking uniform

The tables are turned

A mass of Napoleonic cavalry. Dragoons top left. Poles at the top of the picture fled first.
Very nearly had my first lancer vs lancer contest!

Waiting for their moment!
With the grenadier unit in the background

The boys  align their sights


Dragoons taking fire

A grenz battalion hot-foots it out of danger

A view of the 2 line battalions in support

The Vistula regt. leaving the scene

Grenadiers on the right flank of the guns.

 Line infantry moving up

These grenzer although not threatened, stood firm

French dragoons badly shaken leaving the field

As for casualties, the French suffered the most. The dragoon regt. or what's left of them, are now acting as a reserve for the coming battle. The Vistula regt got a right rollicking off Lefebre no doubt.. running from hussars?!
A grenz battalion went home!