Saturday, 25 August 2012

2nd clash

Four squadrons of French cavalry got more than they bargained for as they trotted off on a jolly towards the allied lines. Coming across some Austrian lancers they decided to give chase only to find the Hessen-Homberg hussars lying in ambush! The Austrian lancers soon turned and joined their comrades in the charge. The French, out-numbered and taken by surprise soon gave way and fled east only to find enemy artillery and infantry to their flank.
The French cavalry included two squadrons each of Vistula lancers and dragoons. These being part of Gen. Lefebre-Desnoettes cavalry division. The dragoons incured most of the casualties as they were nearer to the guns, but they managed to scare off some Grenzers before they made their escape. Subsequently the morale of these two units has come down a notch to the indignation of their commander!

All in all a good skirmish for the Allies, and a little morale boost.

Allied forces involved: (all Austrian)

2 squadrons lancers
3 squadrons hussars
2 battalions grenzer
2 battalions line infantry
1 battalion grenadiers
8 guns

French cavalry on a jolly
Vistula lancers in their czapka covers


Austrian lancers setting the trap

Dragoons give chase

Suddenly from nowhere the hussars launch their assualt

A closer view of their striking uniform

The tables are turned

A mass of Napoleonic cavalry. Dragoons top left. Poles at the top of the picture fled first.
Very nearly had my first lancer vs lancer contest!

Waiting for their moment!
With the grenadier unit in the background

The boys  align their sights


Dragoons taking fire

A grenz battalion hot-foots it out of danger

A view of the 2 line battalions in support

The Vistula regt. leaving the scene

Grenadiers on the right flank of the guns.

 Line infantry moving up

These grenzer although not threatened, stood firm

French dragoons badly shaken leaving the field

As for casualties, the French suffered the most. The dragoon regt. or what's left of them, are now acting as a reserve for the coming battle. The Vistula regt got a right rollicking off Lefebre no doubt.. running from hussars?!
A grenz battalion went home!




  1. More great photos, thanks for posting them. Your massed formations really take advantage of what 5/6 mm figures have to offer!

    1. Thanks again James, you're right about this scale. Even though my battalions have a ridiculous amount of figures (120-180) they still get swallowed up on the ground with plenty of room for tactical manouevre. It's actually quite scary sometimes!