Sunday, 1 April 2012

1st clash

A number of minor actions preceeded the first battle. These add tension to future events as well as being a lot of fun!

An advance party consisting of two squadrons of Polish hussars, some infantry and two guns, attack and defeat Austrian infantry with two guns who were part of an outpost defending an important crossroads and farm in an area south of their main staging area. The Austrians were taken by surprise and shaken badly by the ferocity of the Polish cavalry; only the two companies of jaeger stood ground long enough for their comrades to escape into nearby woods. The Poles soon cleared the area and set up a post.

The 13th's charge shook the Austrians
A view from the farm
Riflemen view the spectacle from a safe-ish distance!


A close-up of the 13th

The brave Poles!

Hungarians awaiting the onslaught

A volley and a number of troopers met their end!

As the cavalry re-group, the Austrians head for the tree-line and out of danger

The two Polish battalions in support

The Polish infantry only managed one volley

A close-up of the Poles


The Austrians lost both guns and a number of prisoners. Casualties were light on both sides. However, Colonel Tolinski, commander of the hussars, had several enemy sharpshooters executed for their tenacity!


  1. Nice Battle report, love the way the pictures 'look'! All the Best with your Blog. I'll put a link on ours. Keep the reports coming!!

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  2. Thanks for your kind words MrF.
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